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Select Board Meeting Announcement

Starting December 5th  Select Board meetings will be held at 6pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

Dog Licenses

2024 Dog Licenses are available at the Town Office.  Please remember to register your dog by January 31st to avoid a $25 late fee.  

Short Term Rental Survey

We need to hear the opinions and concerns of Surry residents about the potential growth of short term rentals in the Town.  The responses will guide the Town’s direction on this critical issue.  Please fill out the survey here on the website by December 15.  Thank you from the Surry Comprehensive Plan Committee and the Surry Planning Board! 
Short Term Rental Survey

Election Results November 7, 2023

Election Results: We had 689 Voters today. Way to go Surry!!
State Referendum-
Q1-Yes 404 No 275
Q2-Yes 580 No 100
Q3-Yes 266 No 420
Q4-Yes 556 No 123
Q5-Yes 389 No 278
Q6-Yes 498 No 177
Q7-Yes 258 No 409
Q8-Yes 347 No 319

Town Cannabis Referendum
Medical Use:
Manufacture-Yes 241 No 420
Testing Facility-Yes 254 No 404
Caregiver Retail Store-Yes 290 No 377
Dispensary-Yes 280 No 383

Adult Use:
Cultivation-Yes 239 No 422
Manufacture Facility-Yes 227 No 432
Testing Facility-Yes 235 No 423
Cannabis Store-Yes 249 No 417

Comprehensive Plan Survey Results

In May and June of this year, over 320 Surry residents completed the Community Survey distributed by the Comprehensive Plan Committee, providing the Committee with very helpful input for creating our next Plan.  That Plan should provide guidance to Town leaders on various boards and committees making decisions for the Town over the next five to ten years.  You can access the results of the Survey by clicking on the following links.  One link shows results of community-oriented questions, and the other shows demographic information provided by the Survey respondents.  Thanks for your interest in the future of our town!

Survey Results

Town Zoom Meeting Reminder

Anyone joining a public meeting via our Zoom link will need to identify themselves by first and last name for the public record.  

UPDATE - Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens

The LD290 "Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens" program, enacted in August 2022 was repealed by the Maine Legislature on July 6, 2023.  The repeal of this program means there will be no reapplication process and no need to follow-up with the Assessing Department or Town Office in August/September, as previously communicated.  Although the program has been repealed, your initial application will still be administered this year for the current Tax Commitment in July of 2023-FY24.  As a result, approximately 153 eligible Surry applicants will only be responsibly for the “frozen” property tax bill amount for the 2023-FY23 billing cycle – this amount will be equal to the tax amount the owner was billed in 2022-FY23, unless their new billed amount would be lower, in which case they’d owe the lower of the two amounts.  Per the law, the State will reimburse the town for 100% of the difference between actual and frozen taxes. 

*It is important to note that these are state programs and while the town plays a role in the administration of them, the town is not responsible for the policy objectives of these initiatives.  Any questions or concerns owners have regarding this program should be directed to your legislative representative.  To find your representative, please visit: State Representatives

To help lower income seniors avoid higher property taxes and remain in their homes, two existing state programs are being expanded:
The Property Tax Fairness Credit – allows eligible Mainers to receive a $1,500 credit, has increased to $2,000 and also loosens limits on the program in a way that allows the benefits to remain constant for a Mainer whose spouse passes away.  Note:  This program is not administered by the Town of Surry.  To claim the credit, you must file a 1040ME and Schedule PTFC/STFC for the tax year during which the property tax or rent was paid.  For assistance, please call 207-624-9784 or visit: Property Tax Fairness Credit Information

The State Property Tax Deferral Program – a lifeline loan program that covers the annual property tax bills of Maine seniors age 65 and older who cannot afford to pay them on their own, has been expanded.  It doubles the income limit on that program to $80,000 and also raises asset limits. Taxes must be paid back when the home is sold or becomes part of an estate.  This program is administered by the state; however, applications must be filed with the Assessor’s Office between January 1 and April 1 each year.  Applications are forwarded to Maine Revenue Services who review and make determination for acceptance and approval.  Questions can be referred to Maine Revenue Services, Property Tax Division at 207-624-5600 or  For more information please visit: Tax Deferral Program Information

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Did you know...???

Did you know you can save $30 per month on your internet service?
If your income is at or below: 
1 person $27,180          2 people $36,320          3 people $46,060          4 people $55,500       5 people $64,940          6 people $74,380        7 people $83,820

Or if you participate in certain State or Government assistance programs. Please call 1-877-384-2575 or visit
If you need help with your application, please call the Town Office to be connected with a Surry Broadband Volunteer. 667-5912.

Shingles Information

Shingles Information

An Experience with Shingles
Years ago, I had the Zostavax vaccination to protect myself from shingles. Later, my 
PCP advised that I get the newer, more effective Shingrix vaccination (a series of 2 
shots). Like many others, I was too busy to get the vaccine right away; then I forgot 
about it. Being too busy and forgetting can be a costly mistake!
In January of 2020, I got shingles! My case did not appear very severe. The location 
was a bit unusual as it affected the upper left side of my face and head. I had only a 
few lesions, but that area felt like I had received a novocaine shot and sometimes it felt 
very itchy. 
The medical personnel I saw we somewhat concerned that it might affect my eye, so 
they sent me to see my ophthalmologist. I was treated with medications intended to 
help ward off infections to my eye. But, even so, about a month after I thought that the 
shingles were gone, I started having trouble with the vision in my left eye. The 
symptoms were appear to clear up, but then return after a short time without any 
treatment. Finally in July, I was sent to a specialist.
I have learned that the shingles virus is very persistent. I have been treating it for nearly 
3 years with daily eyedrops and an oral medication. The drop used to prevent the 
spread of the virus is prednisolone, which can cause the eye pressure to increase 
(possibly leading to glaucoma). So I use 2 additional eyedrops to lower the eye 
pressure. My specialist has indicated that I will most likely need to continue using 
eyedrops for the rest of my life. In addition to the medications, my eye is carefully 
monitored by specialists, with appointments about every 6 weeks. 
I am grateful that there is a treatment and that I will probably be able to keep from going 
blind in that left eye, but, I often wish I had taken the time to get the Shingrix vaccine. 
By the way, my PCP advised me to get the Shingrix shot about 6 months after my case 
of the shingles. It is good to remember that shingles can affect a person more than 
once and it is best to be as protected as possible. 
Audrey Carter

Bus service from Surry!!

Did you know...??
Downeast transportation bus service goes through Surry and makes a stop at Pugnuts!
Check out the Downeast Transportation schedule on their website.
Downeast Transportation Bus Schedule


The Town Office mailing address is now our physical address
741 North Bend Rd  Surry, Maine 04684 

Downeast Woodbank

The Downeast Wood Bank is available to assist Surry residents who are experiencing a heating crisis this winter.  If you are unable to adequately heat your home for any reason, the Wood Bank can provide up to 1/3 cord of seasoned firewood per family.  An appointment can be made for pickup by contacting Tom at 667-4392 or Ken at 374-2061.  

The Downeast Wood Bank also provides firewood for Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Penobscot, and Sedgwick families.  The Wood Bank is all volunteers and we are in need of individuals to help cut, split, and stack.  We take tree length donations of hardwood if residents have any to donate.  Call one of the above numbers if you have wood to donate or want to be part of our team.

Application to join Boards & Committees

If you would like to join a Board or Committee, please fill out an application and submit to Committee Application

Zoom Meeting Link

Reminder: ALL Town of Surry Zoom meetings can be found using the same link.
Surry ZOOM meetings
The link can also be found in the top right navigation bar of this website.