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Code Enforcement Hours

There will be no Code Enforcement office hours on June 1st.

Absentee Ballots are available for the June 20, 2023 Town of Surry Referendum Vote!

Absentee Ballots are available for the June 20, 2023 Town of Surry Referendum Vote!
Public Hearings on the following articles will be held on June 6, 2023 and on June 13, 2023 at 6PM in the Surry FD meeting Room.

MUNICIPAL REFERENDUM ELECTION FOR THE TOWN OF SURRY Election to be held June 20, 2023. Polls will be open 8am-8pm.

Article 1- Shall an ordinance entitled “Town of Surry Cannabis Ordinance” be enacted?

Explanation: The Surry Cannabis Ordinance provides land use and licensing regulations for adult use and medical cannabis businesses in Surry, putting into effect the 2020 referendum vote where the residents of Surry voted to allow for the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of cannabis (marijuana) products in Surry; enacting the Town of Surry Cannabis Ordinance also includes necessary amendments to Chapter 2 (Definitions) and Chapter 3 (Land Use Table) of the Surry Code of Ordinances. 

Article 2- Shall the Town raise the Fire Department 23/24 budget by $32,000 for Operating Expenses?

The Select Board and the Finance Committee recommend a yes vote.

Explanation: The increase is required to ensure that all current firefighters have Personal Protective Equipment less than 10 years old to meet the requirements of NFPA 1851, Section 10.1.2, and to provide all firefighters with wild land Personal Protective Equipment; this would raise the total Fire Department Budget from $75,683 to $107,683

Article 3- Shall an ordinance entitled “Commercial Solar Energy Facilities Moratorium Ordinance” be enacted?

Explanation: The moratorium will provide time for the Planning Board and Select Board to develop a draft ordinance encoding performance standards for Commercial Solar Energy Facilities, hold public hearings and provide a final Ordinance for a vote by a Town referendum. ”Commercial Solar Energy Facility” is defined as a facility that uses one or more solar collectors to convert solar or photovoltaic energy to electrical energy and that is operated mainly for the purpose of generating electrical power for sale. The moratorium does not include a solar energy facility that generates energy for one or more residential, agricultural, or business uses on the property on which the facility is located. 

Solar and Your Electric Bill: Ownership vs. Subscription 

Solar and Your Electric Bill: Ownership vs. Subscription 

Wednesday, May 31st, 6:00-7:00 p.m.  

Old Surry Village School, 7 Toddy Pond Road, Surry (Rte 172/176) 

Have you thought about installing rooftop solar panels to save money on electricity? Do you ever wonder what those fliers in the mail mean when they say: "Sign up for Community Solar" -save up to --- on electricity annually?  Join us as we clarify the various pathways residents have for going solar, as well as the financial and environmental impact of each choice. Beth Woolfolk, Manager of Renewable Energy and Planning for A Climate to Thrive on MDI, will be available to share information and answer the community's questions. All are welcome. For more information, please reach out to Chris at: 207.356.7576 

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Did you know...???

Did you know you can save $30 per month on your internet service?
If your income is at or below: 
1 person $27,180          2 people $36,320          3 people $46,060          4 people $55,500       5 people $64,940          6 people $74,380        7 people $83,820

Or if you participate in certain State or Government assistance programs. Please call 1-877-384-2575 or visit
If you need help with your application, please call the Town Office to be connected with a Surry Broadband Volunteer. 667-5912.

Shingles Information

Shingles Information

An Experience with Shingles
Years ago, I had the Zostavax vaccination to protect myself from shingles. Later, my 
PCP advised that I get the newer, more effective Shingrix vaccination (a series of 2 
shots). Like many others, I was too busy to get the vaccine right away; then I forgot 
about it. Being too busy and forgetting can be a costly mistake!
In January of 2020, I got shingles! My case did not appear very severe. The location 
was a bit unusual as it affected the upper left side of my face and head. I had only a 
few lesions, but that area felt like I had received a novocaine shot and sometimes it felt 
very itchy. 
The medical personnel I saw we somewhat concerned that it might affect my eye, so 
they sent me to see my ophthalmologist. I was treated with medications intended to 
help ward off infections to my eye. But, even so, about a month after I thought that the 
shingles were gone, I started having trouble with the vision in my left eye. The 
symptoms were appear to clear up, but then return after a short time without any 
treatment. Finally in July, I was sent to a specialist.
I have learned that the shingles virus is very persistent. I have been treating it for nearly 
3 years with daily eyedrops and an oral medication. The drop used to prevent the 
spread of the virus is prednisolone, which can cause the eye pressure to increase 
(possibly leading to glaucoma). So I use 2 additional eyedrops to lower the eye 
pressure. My specialist has indicated that I will most likely need to continue using 
eyedrops for the rest of my life. In addition to the medications, my eye is carefully 
monitored by specialists, with appointments about every 6 weeks. 
I am grateful that there is a treatment and that I will probably be able to keep from going 
blind in that left eye, but, I often wish I had taken the time to get the Shingrix vaccine. 
By the way, my PCP advised me to get the Shingrix shot about 6 months after my case 
of the shingles. It is good to remember that shingles can affect a person more than 
once and it is best to be as protected as possible. 
Audrey Carter

Bus service from Surry!!

Did you know...??
Downeast transportation bus service goes through Surry and makes a stop at Pugnuts!
Check out the Downeast Transportation schedule on their website.
Downeast Transportation Bus Schedule


The Town Office mailing address is now our physical address
741 North Bend Rd  Surry, Maine 04684 

Downeast Woodbank

The Downeast Wood Bank is available to assist Surry residents who are experiencing a heating crisis this winter.  If you are unable to adequately heat your home for any reason, the Wood Bank can provide up to 1/3 cord of seasoned firewood per family.  An appointment can be made for pickup by contacting Tom at 667-4392 or Ken at 374-2061.  

The Downeast Wood Bank also provides firewood for Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Penobscot, and Sedgwick families.  The Wood Bank is all volunteers and we are in need of individuals to help cut, split, and stack.  We take tree length donations of hardwood if residents have any to donate.  Call one of the above numbers if you have wood to donate or want to be part of our team.

Application to join Boards & Committees

If you would like to join a Board or Committee, please fill out an application and submit to Committee Application

Zoom Meeting Link

Reminder: ALL Town of Surry Zoom meetings can be found using the same link.
Surry ZOOM meetings
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