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Town of Surry-Employment Opportunity
Tax Collector/Deputy Clerk

The Town of Surry is seeking applications from qualified candidates for a full-time Tax Collector and Deputy Clerk. 
The ideal candidate should possess excellent administrative and accounting skills. Prior municipal experience is preferred but not required.
Starting pay is dependent on experience.  The Town offers a benefit package which includes ample time off and a four-day work week. 
Send resume and cover letter

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. EOE

Town Office Closed

The Surry Town Office will be closed on Tuesday, July 23rd for staff training.  We will reopen for normal business hours on Wednesday, July 24th at 7:30am. 

Shoreline Stabilization Workshop - August 7th at 7pm

The Surry Conservation Commission will sponsor a panel discussion featuring Maine experts on shoreline erosion and stabilization on Wednesday, August 7 at the Old Surry Village School in Surry. 

A great many coastal residents of Hancock County experienced significant damage to their shorelines during the January and March 2024 storms.  And many of those residents are still trying to understand how to deal with that damage, and how to mitigate future storm damage. 

The August 7 workshop will provide information from Andrew McCullough of Andrew McCullough Engineering, Nicholas Whiteman with the Maine Geological Survey, and John MacLaine, with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. 

Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions such as: Is storm damage remediation covered by insurance?  What’s the most effective way to stabilize my waterfront land for the future – riprap, natural shoreline plantings, piles of boulders, some combination of all these?  Does the State have a required process for stabilizing a shoreline?  What kind of timeline am I looking at to deal with the damage from last winter’s storms?

This workshop is free and open to all area residents.  However, space may be limited, so registration at is recommended.  Please use Shoreline Stabilization in the re line.  Light refreshments will be available.
IMG_20240315_105103472 - Copy

Ellsworth Public Library Survey

Ellsworth Public Library seeks community input for Renovation Project

The Ellsworth Public Library is excited to invite you to participate in its Space Planning Survey, designed to gather valuable insights from the community.  The goal is to improve the user experience of the library and to ensure that the library continues to be a vibrant, inclusive, and functional community hub.  They are focused on adding square footage without major building expansion.  Your input is crucial in helping them create a space that meets the diverse needs of all their patrons.  Whether you are a frequent visitor, an occasional user, or a first-time guest, the library would love to hear from you!
It only really takes 3 – 4 minutes to fill out the survey:

Where are the bobolinks in Surry?

A few Surry residents have been working with Laura Lecker of Ag Allies Grassland Bird Conservation ( to find out if fields in the Town of Surry might have nesting bobolinks, a wild bird species whose population in the U.S. is rapidly declining.  If you have a field and would like us to check it for these beautiful and fascinating birds, or if you would like to find out more about how people across the state are learning to protect them, please contact the Surry Town Office to leave your name and phone number and we will have someone get in contact with you. 

Photo courtesy of Laura Pellerano 
Bobolink 2 - Copy

Bureau of Motor Vehicles - New Plate Information

Beginning May 1, 2025, the BMV and Agents will no longer issue plates with the chickadee design. Anyone who currently has plates with the chickadee design will be required to obtain new plates when they renew their registration or obtain a new registration on or after May 1, 2025.  This means municipalities authorized at the Limited New Registration, New Registration, and Truck levels will all be issuing a new plate when registrants with a chickadee plate renew their registrations.  For new registrations and renewals in the PC class code, registrants can choose:

  • a Pine Tree Plate (existing PC class code) for no additional costs or;
  • a “no tree plate” (new NT class code) for no additional costs or;
  • one of the current specialty plates (normal fees apply).

Plate Reservations:
Beginning June 3, 2024, registrants who would like to keep their current chickadee plate numbers may reserve their plate number for a $25 one-time fee. This includes people with vanity, low digit, and National Guard (PC class code) plates. BMV will be mailing postcards to registrants with active low digit, vanity, and National Guard plates in June, with information on how to reserve their plates. Registrants also may reserve if they simply like their current plate number.

  • Class codes that can be reserved are: AQ, BU, CM, CO, CV, DX, FM, HC, LS, MH, NT, PC, SE, SR, TT and TX. Non-chickadee plates will not have the option to reserve.
  • The NT plate class can only be reserved if the registrant has a PC plate currently. No other plate classes have the option to select the NT plate class.
  • Tractor plates (TR) may only be reserved through the manual application process (MV-62).

There are four ways registrants may reserve their plate(s):
1.  Online through the stand-alone reservation portal - Plate Reservation
2.  Through a reservation process as part of the Rapid Renewal website.
3.  At a branch location.
4.  By mailing the Application to Reserve a Plate Number (MV-62) to the Administrative Office. Reserve Plate Application

Registrants may email any reserve plate questions to 

2024 Surry Comprehensive Plan

Surry’s 2024 Comprehensive Plan
Link to view: Comprehensive Plan

Surry’s 2024 Comprehensive Plan is intended to express the vision of residents for the Town’s future over the next decade, and to propose strategies to achieve that vision.
In 2022, Surry’s Select Board established a Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC) composed of residents who had been nominated by a variety of active community committees and organizations.

The predominant opinion of residents is that the Town must balance “attainable” residential growth, as well as compatible commercial development with preservation of the existing rural beauty and small-town atmosphere of Surry.  Residents recognize the need to address pressing concerns such as climate change impacts while controlling property tax increases.

While the Plan recommends goals and specific strategies for the Town, it is not legally binding.  If approved by the voters in November, the “responsible” organizations shown will determine a timeframe for implementation of the strategies. It is possible that some strategies will be modified for a number of reasons. Select Board approval is required for implementation of some strategies.  Where those strategies recommend additions or changes to the Surry Code of Ordinances (SCO), the Planning Board and/or an Ordinance Committee will develop appropriate language to be voted on by the Town’s legislative body.

Surry’s Select Board has expressed interest in holding annual reviews of progress toward achieving the strategies shown.
The CPC hopes the strategies will support the Town’s efforts to obtain grant funding to tackle some of the major issues.
Questions?  Suggestions?  Please contact us at:

2024-06-26 Surry Acceptance for Review_Page_2 - Copy (2)

Alewife Committee - Volunteers Needed

The Surry Alewife Committee has worked to support the journey of the alewives from Patten Bay to where they began their lives, in Lower Patten Pond. We couldn’t have done it without the generous support of so many people who live in this town and honor what’s left of its wildlife – birds, mammals, insects, and fish.

We continue to ask for volunteer help. At about mid-May, the fish will begin to return. What we need are people to sit under the bridge on the North Bend Road for a half an hour a slot as the fish swim up the stream to the pond. We are counters – and we count when there are lots of fish in a school, or sit quietly, listening to spring come back around us as we wait for the next school. It is, for many of us, a lovely break in a busy season. And for the Committee it is essential. We cannot do this work without your help.

Before the fish run, we will teach the new counters how to count fast moving fish.

We look forward to this short season – no more than a month – when our town experiences its own particular wild – though silent – migration.

Please get in touch with the town if you are interested in helping, or call 667-3417.

Thank you,
Susan Hand Shetterly
Chairperson, Surry Alewife Committee
P6021179 - Copy (3)

Climate Adaptation Survey

The Towns of Blue Hill, Brooksville, and Surry are working with GEI Consultants and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to determine projected local climate impacts and community vulnerabilities so that the towns can plan for a more resilient future. We need your help! Local data is essential to ensure that this plan reflects the culture, community, and realities of these towns. Here are some ways that you can participate:

-Provide household level climate impact and action data through the Climate Adaptation Survey, a crucial step towards understanding and addressing the climate challenges facing your community.

3TownSurvey - Copy

Comprehensive Plan Survey Results


In May and June of 2023, over 330 Surry residents completed the Community Survey distributed by the Comprehensive Plan Committee, providing the Committee with very helpful input for creating our next Plan.  That Plan should provide guidance to Town leaders on various boards and committees making decisions for the Town over the next five to ten years.  You can access the results of the Survey by clicking on the following link.  Thanks for your interest in the future of our town! 

UPDATE - Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens

The LD290 "Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens" program, enacted in August 2022 was repealed by the Maine Legislature on July 6, 2023.  The repeal of this program means there will be no reapplication process and no need to follow-up with the Assessing Department or Town Office in August/September, as previously communicated.  Although the program has been repealed, your initial application will still be administered this year for the current Tax Commitment in July of 2023-FY24.  As a result, approximately 153 eligible Surry applicants will only be responsibly for the “frozen” property tax bill amount for the 2023-FY23 billing cycle – this amount will be equal to the tax amount the owner was billed in 2022-FY23, unless their new billed amount would be lower, in which case they’d owe the lower of the two amounts.  Per the law, the State will reimburse the town for 100% of the difference between actual and frozen taxes. 

*It is important to note that these are state programs and while the town plays a role in the administration of them, the town is not responsible for the policy objectives of these initiatives.  Any questions or concerns owners have regarding this program should be directed to your legislative representative.  To find your representative, please visit: State Representatives

To help lower income seniors avoid higher property taxes and remain in their homes, two existing state programs are being expanded:
The Property Tax Fairness Credit – allows eligible Mainers to receive a $1,500 credit, has increased to $2,000 and also loosens limits on the program in a way that allows the benefits to remain constant for a Mainer whose spouse passes away.  Note:  This program is not administered by the Town of Surry.  To claim the credit, you must file a 1040ME and Schedule PTFC/STFC for the tax year during which the property tax or rent was paid.  For assistance, please call 207-624-9784 or visit: Property Tax Fairness Credit Information

The State Property Tax Deferral Program – a lifeline loan program that covers the annual property tax bills of Maine seniors age 65 and older who cannot afford to pay them on their own, has been expanded.  It doubles the income limit on that program to $80,000 and also raises asset limits. Taxes must be paid back when the home is sold or becomes part of an estate.  This program is administered by the state; however, applications must be filed with the Assessor’s Office between January 1 and April 1 each year.  Applications are forwarded to Maine Revenue Services who review and make determination for acceptance and approval.  Questions can be referred to Maine Revenue Services, Property Tax Division at 207-624-5600 or  For more information please visit: Tax Deferral Program Information

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Bus service from Surry!!

Did you know...??
Downeast transportation bus service goes through Surry and makes a stop at Pugnuts!
Check out the Downeast Transportation schedule on their website.
Downeast Transportation Bus Schedule