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Motor Vehicle Registration

The Surry Town Office does not carry plates

New Maine License Plate FAQ

Beginning May 1, 2025, the BMV and Agents will no longer issue plates with the chickadee design. Anyone who currently has plates with the chickadee design will be required to obtain new plates when they renew their registration or obtain a new registration on or after May 1, 2025.  This means municipalities authorized at the Limited New Registration, New Registration, and Truck levels will all be issuing a new plate when registrants with a chickadee plate renew their registrations.  For new registrations and renewals in the PC class code, registrants can choose:

  • a Pine Tree Plate (existing PC class code) for no additional costs or;
  • a “no tree plate” (new NT class code) for no additional costs or;
  • one of the current specialty plates (normal fees apply).

Plate Reservations:
Beginning June 3, 2024, registrants who would like to keep their current chickadee plate numbers may reserve their plate number for a $25 one-time fee. This includes people with vanity, low digit, and National Guard (PC class code) plates. BMV will be mailing postcards to registrants with active low digit, vanity, and National Guard plates in June, with information on how to reserve their plates. Registrants also may reserve if they simply like their current plate number.

  • Class codes that can be reserved are: AQ, BU, CM, CO, CV, DX, FM, HC, LS, MH, NT, PC, SE, SR, TT and TX. Non-chickadee plates will not have the option to reserve.
  • The NT plate class can only be reserved if the registrant has a PC plate currently. No other plate classes have the option to select the NT plate class.
  • Tractor plates (TR) may only be reserved through the manual application process (MV-62).

There are four ways registrants may reserve their plate(s):
1.  Online through the stand-alone reservation portal - Plate Reservation
2.  Through a reservation process as part of the Rapid Renewal website.
3.  At a branch location.
4.  By mailing the Application to Reserve a Plate Number (MV-62) to the Administrative Office. Reserve Plate Application

Registrants may email any reserve plate questions to 

New Registrations:

  • The registrant must bring (from a dealer);
  • The title application.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Mileage
  • The registrant will ONLY pay excise tax in Surry and continue to the BMV (Ellsworth OR Blue Hill) to get plates and stickers

New Registration Transfers:

  • The registrant must bring (from a dealer) the title application. We will only need to see proof that sales tax has been paid.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Mileage
  • The town office will process the registration in it's entirety.

New Vehicles purchased from Private Owners:

  • The Town of Surry will only collect the excise tax
  • Forms will be issued (sales tax form, title application)
  • The registrant will continue to the BMV to pay sales tax and complete the registration.


  • There is no excise tax on trailers such as boat, utility, etc
  • If new, proceed to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles 
  • Re-registrations can be processed at the Surry Town office. Please bring the previous yellow registration
  • Please note: Camper Trailers are processed like a regular auto registration.

Re-registrations can be issued through the mail with the following items submitted to the town office.

  1. A copy of a valid insurance card
  2. Mileage
  3. A check or money order payable to: Surry Town Office
  4. A SASE to receive the registration
  5. A phone # in case of questions