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Animal Control

Our Animal Control Officer is Carol Ann Cutler 
She can be reached at 610-2220 

(some words from ACO Carol Anne Cutler)
Please note that much of the information 
that I refer to on a regular basis is online, for your own information, and found under State of Maine 
Title 7: Agriculture and Animals, under the heading Animal Welfare, Part 9, and also at
The State laws that I have been selected to uphold in Surry, and which have been clarified in recent 
years, are in place solely for the protection of both animals and humans in all Maine Towns. We all 
know that rabies is a dangerous disease to both animals and to people, and it is EVERY dog owner’s 
responsibility to have their dogs, and cats (even if only “indoor” cats) vaccinated against rabies as 
required by law. The only way that we, in the Town Office, can know if a dog is up to date on rabies, is if 
they are licensed by the Town, and often the fact that a dog has not been kept up to date is found out
only AFTER that dog has bitten someone, or is picked up as a stray, but the owner is located, and the dog 
is returned to them.
Please Note: With the exception of summer dogs, any Surry dogs that are NOT licensed by January 31st
of any year will be charged a $25.00 penalty for each unlicensed dog in their household. All summer 
dogs, whose owners are property owners in the Town, should also license their dogs at the Town Office
upon arrival for the summer, even though they may be up to date on their rabies, and adequately 
licensed elsewhere. Doing this greatly aids us in locating the animal’s owner if the dog is at-large, in a 
dangerous situation, or is found, and we are attempting to get the animal back to his owner.
Strange animals, domestic or not, are neither safe to go near, nor be approached by you at any time. If 
you are unable to get in touch with me, please call Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at 667-7575 or 
Maine State Police at 973-3700 or 1-800-432-7381. I am also including other contact information that 
may be useful to you at the end of this report. Please note that the wardens generally do not respond
to assist a citizen complaint regarding a raccoon, porcupine, or other wildlife animal that is damaging 
their private residence, barn, trees, or any part of their private property. Therefore, in those cases
please call Ralph Hardy (also goes by Pete) who is a professional trapper from Deer Isle at 348-2295.
The majority of the issues for which I am generally contacted are regarding dogs at large, and wildlife 
issues. For domestic animals the Town of Surry is contracted with the Small Animal Clinic located in
Ellsworth. If I am unavailable, you can contact them during normal business hours and Saturday 
mornings at 667-2341 for questions or advice. If it is an emergency, please contact the Hancock County 
Sheriff’s Department.

Additional Contact Information:
Maine Warden Service Bangor Office: 941-4470 (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, or if non-emergency, leave a 
message). If you are calling during business hours, you can get immediate answers to questions 
concerning rabies, etc. Wildlife rehabilitators can be an information resource for members of the 
community, answering questions about wildlife (such as when “rescue” is and is not called for) and
explaining why it is not appropriate for members of the public to keep and attempt to care for distressed 
wildlife themselves. Local contacts are:
Nancy Fox: Surry/667-5130 Mammals/No Birds.
Heather Grierson: Trenton/667-3244 No Raccoons or Porcupines 
Acadia Wildlife Foundation/Ann Rivers: MDI/288-4960
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Animal Control Officer for the Town of Surry, and I hope to 
continue in this position for as long as needed. And a special thank you to those residents who are so
interested in an animal's welfare that they are willing to take responsibility for a FRIENDLY stray, or 
lost/found animal until either myself, the Sheriff, or the Small Animal Clinic in Ellsworth can take over.